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Gina Sicilia

Allow Me To Confess - Swingnation Records 2007

With a debut album that belies her age and songwriting capability, Gina Siclia’s “Allow Me To Confess” grabs you from the push of the play button. Produced by 2007 BMA Nominated Guitar Player Dave Gross, Sicilia gives the blues and soul world a breath of fresh air from the new generation. With the blues-rock warble and imitators flooding the market, Sicilia hearkens us back to late 60s Memphis or a smokey East Coast Blues Club with the turn of a phrase in her voice, or in one step can take us back across the tracks to a Country & Western club of the late 50s.

Sicilia grabs you right away with the first track “That’s A Pretty Good Love” that was first rendered to our ears from the vocal powerhouse Big Maybelle. Sicilia doesn’t fail in comparison with the thick, deep, rich timber that belies her age, staying in toe is Gross on lead guitar, with beautiful phrasing to echo the verses.

Sicilia, no doubt, is a woman and shows no sign of being a girl as she gives us her first self-penned track on the second outing of the disc, that calls us to a rollicking piano and melody line straight out of the early days of rock n roll from say a Fats Domino record. With the nasty punch of Gross on guitar and Karel Ruzicka’s saxophone, this track is sure to pop up on any AAA format’s radar.

Then, Siclia calms us down with the old Esther Phillips’ classic “Try Me” which rolls from her lips like the day’s last cigarette in a corner blues and soul pub. Sicilia continues to show her depth of influences in her pen when she takes us through a swinging jazz-like number in “One of Many,” takes us down to Memphis, almost straight out of Stax/Volt with “Rest of My Days,” calling up Ann Peebles, Otis Redding, and Carla Thomas all at the same time, and even taking us down to the honky-tonk of Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette with “That Much Further.” T

his album can crossover to a broad number of formats and is sure not to disappoint. The blues crowd will appreciate it for its authentic emotion and its traditional sounds, while not remaining stale or un-contemporary. The classic R&B and Soul crowd will love her for her vocal phrasing and passionate lyrics. The roots crowd will enjoy her lyrics and her influences, which seems to have no limit.

The average listener will be turned on because she leaves you with haunting, rich vocals; a wonderful backing band; and if you catch her on the radio, wondering who she is and just how old she is and where you can get that record.

By Ben Cox 

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