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Aynsely Lister - Everything I Need

He sounds like he's from Texas on guitar, his voice reminiscent of Jamie Walters of "The Heights" early 90s TV fame; Aynsely Lister's album "Everything I Need" is running about eight years too late.

When you put on the album, you'll understand that this is one of those good albums but not a great one. Hearkening everyone from ZZ Top to Stevie Ray Vaughan in his Texas-sized guitar sound and playing, Lister throws a long shadow of a flashback on the then encouraging blues-rock scene of the late 90s with the likes of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jonny Lang.

Though those two eventually went on to sell their souls to the Big Label demons, Lister seems to make no apologies about who he is or where he comes from. When you get midway through the album, after being attacked with and loosed in the shuffle of your blues-rock mind, you hear an overly acoustic track called "As the Crow Flies," one of only two non-penned tracks by Lister himself that just grabs ahold of you and gives you a good shock.

Then, four tracks later, you can close your eyes and envision Albert Collins ripping into one of his iconoclastic instrumentals, but its Lister delivering the punch with "Quiet Boy!" 

Finally, the last two tracks of the album will sell you, when Lister rips into a song reminiscent of SRV's classic "Tin Pan Alley" called "Need Her So Bad" that introduces you to some of the most dynamic playing on the whole album.

Then, finally, Lister pays the ultimate tribute to SRV when he mimicks "Little Wing," the Jimi Hendrix classic, but unlike Vaughan's instrumental gem, Lister sings with that Walters-esque voice of his, adding a separate dimension to the song that is both haunting and captivating.

If you can separate Lister from all the blues-rock warble of wannabe Stevie Ray's and the next Kenny Wayne's you might let this album find its way into your collection.

By Ben Cox  -  3 out of 5 stars

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